Apocalypse of America – The next step Awaken

Awaken Behavior

Awaken Behavior is the one thing I want to focus on. As a newborn, coming into this world, your training begins with your senses being stimulated and adapted to the surroundings. It is in taking care of needs first, like eating, some are saying instincts takes over. It is your seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting that will feed you, develop you, and establish your foundation(experiences). This is the seat of your personality. When I say experiences it also includes the thinking mechanism and the force we call, the will.

To be Awaken we need to know how we operate and function from within. How the body, soul and spirit inter relate, just like matter does with the addition of life to the equation.

Let us begin, Awake the Mind?.

Apocalypse Of America

This type of post in the Internet is to bring a different consciousness of what exists today. Consciousness today is based only on personal desires like what I want, what I think, the abundance of things and economic power. Today, we are not seeking the truth. Why are we not asking the questions like, Why are we in this world? What we are facing from birth is the competition of good and evil. Loyalty and integrity of laws has been replaced with betrayal and manipulation of them. This has developed a system that will not triumph at the end. On this site I leave you with the Apocalypse in America.