It is time to wake up, turned on the light and see. To awaken, you will need to make the decision too. Not just one time but at every turn and move you do, each and every second.

According to science matter can not be created not destroyed. Who are you and from what you were made off? The different between you and the stars is, you can move, choose, investigate, create  and think in time and space in this physical plane. Life is the energy that support creation. With out you or us how can the Cosmos know it exist?

Let me asked you. Who gave validation to science? It was man, homo-sapiens. Man has search for knowledge wanting to know how this physical world works. They are getting answers to their questions and more question to their answers (><). To be awake is to understand the purpose of matter. The three or four state of matter, plasma, gaseous, liquid and solid The ability to inter-react wit it, the state of free flow throughout the states of it. We have discovered antimatter and are investigating dark matter and dark energy.

All this applied into the understanding of who we are and what we are. Please don’t disconnect form the findings of science they are showing and reveling the truth on their observations.

Now let us look at biology

The study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, and distribution.

Look at the field of anatomy

  • human anatomy
  •  the bodily structure of it’s organism:
  • descriptions of the humans anatomy and behavior

Behavior is the one I want to focus on. As a newborn into this world your training begins with you senses and to adapt for the surroundings, to take care of needs first food, some are saying instinct takes over.It is your seeing, hearing,touching,smelling,tasting  that will feed you, and developed and establish your foundation(experiences) the seat of your personality. When I say experiences it also includes and brings the thinking mechanism and the the force we called will.

To be Awaken we need to know how we operate and function from within. How the body, soul and spirit inter relate, just like matter does with the addition of life to the equation.

Let us begin, are you willing to Reformat your Mind?.

Angel De Jesus